KX3 dust Cover


The KX3 Dust Cover is intended to protect the face and controls of the KX3 while sitting on a bench top in the shack or on a picnic table out on the trail. The cover is designed to fit over the front panel without interference to attached cabling or the KXPD3 Paddle.


The KX3 Dust Cover is made from clear or black opaque acrylic. It simply sits on top of the face of the KX3 and is supported on the ends with 1/8" clear acrylic square rod. The cover overlaps the sides of the KX3 by only 1/4" so that it does not interfere with attached cables or front KXPD3 Paddle if mounted.

All pieces of the dust cover are individually cut and welded together and then all edges are corner routed with a 1/8" round over bit to provide a snag free and smooth feel.


KX3 Dust Cover
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