build, service and repair services

I now offer building, service and repair services for the Elecraft Classic Line of products as well as the mini-module line. When the legendary and admirable Don Wilhelm, W3FPR announced his retirement from servicing Elecraft equipment, we discussed the available resources to fill this huge void left by his departure. At his urging and encouragement, I decided to throw my hat into the arena and offer these services.

Click on the links to the left to see the services offered. *** Please - do not send anything to me for repair or service without contacting me first. I cannot be held responsible for any packages shipped to me without my knowledge. *** The links to the left provide information for contacting me.


I built my first K2 in 2005 and have always been fascinated by the design and inner-workings of this fine radio. It is hard to believe that a radio of this performance caliber and feature set is a fully solder-able kit.

The great thing about its modular design is that it does make the job of troubleshooting and signal tracing a pleasant experience. And of course, options can be added or removed with little effort and at anytime.

kat100.jpgIn keeping with the tradition and legacy that Don has established over the years, I have decided to maintain the  same standards Don has set for these services. And I will emulate his business model that has serviced the Elecraft community for years. Don has been instrumental in helping me setup this venture and he has insured me that he is only an email or phone call away when assistance is needed.

I have also worked closely with the folks at Elecraft for over 10 years providing enclosures for their mini-module product line. I have worked in their booth in Dayton every year for the past 10 years or so. They have always been generous and supportive of my efforts and this venture will be no exception.

I am proud to provide the high standards of service Don has established and hope push his legacy well into the future.