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 May 4, 2016

dust cover for the brand new k-pod

I have sent a prototype to Elecraft for fit testing and as soon as I get a working version up and running I will offer it for sale. It will be very much like the KX3 and PX3 dust covers and will sit on top of the face of the K-Pod. I will not interfere with any of the attached cables to the K-Pod. You'll just simply remove it and start operating. More details to come...

May 1, 2016

Redesigned W1 enclosure tilt stand

w1_1.jpgI have received a few reports of the velcro showing signs of heavy wear after a few years of use on the tilt stand. So, I redesigned the tilt stand without the velcro and improved the sturdiness of the enclosure in the process. I moved the hinge point from the bottom of the enclosure to near the top. Rubber U-channel has been added to the bottom edge of the tilt panel and the bottom of the enclosure that really improves the stability of the entire unit on most surfaces. The tilt angle is now held in place by a shock cord loop and lock for angles from 90 to 40 degrees. The tilt stand easily folds flat to the enclosure for storage and the shock cord can be wrapped around the top of the stand to hold everything in place.

I will offer an upgrade path to current users for $19.95 that will simply include the back half of the enclosure with the tilt stand. This will allow you to simply mount the front half with the W1 installed, to the new back half and stand. I will just need to know which version of the enclosure you have (Bottom Mount, Straight BNC, Top Mount, Right Angle BNC or Bottom Mount, Right Angle BNC).

March 5, 2016

Enclosure Price and Shipping rate changes

I have not had to increase the price of my enclosure line in over three years. But with steady increases in my raw material costs and their associated shipping costs, I am forced to raise my prices 5 - 10% (typically $1 - $2 per enclosure). I am constantly looking for lower cost alternative sources for my materials but with my low volumes I don't get much of a break. The new prices will be effective March 5th, 2016.

Also, due to the recent USPS price increases in January of this year, I can no longer offer the flat $8.50 domestic shipping charge. I have restructured the shipping charges based on weight and zip code zone (by state). In the zones closest to my location (MI), the rates have actually dropped from the $8.50 flat fee. Obviously, the farther out from my location, the higher the cost. PayPal is now allowing the use of First Class mail for packages 16 oz or less. Most of my enclosures, with packaging, weigh in around the 15 - 16 oz mark, so this will be a good economic option for single enclosure orders to all areas serviced by the USPS. Both Priority Mail and First Class Package Service (Standard Shipping) will be presented for your selection during the checkout process.

I have also entered tables for calculating International shipping rates for all countries serviced by the USPS. International customers will also be presented with Priority International Mail and First Class International pricing options during the checkout process. The USPS is now offering tracking of First Class International parcels, although they will not guarantee a delivery time. This is a very cost effective alternative to the Priority shipping for all international customers. I you receive a $0.00 shipping cost, please contact me ASAP. This means there is no USPS shipping option defined or needs correction for your area.

If you pick a shipping option that presents with a $999.00 shipping price, it means that it isn't a viable option for the products you've selected. Through the standard PayPal setup, there is no way to apply rules to eliminate options in their checkout. So if you get a $999.00 shipping cost, either change the shipping option or contact me and we'll get it straightened out.

Please contact me for a direct shipping quote for 5 or more enclosures. And as always, contact me for a quote for all custom orders.

From the World of W8FGU

New Website
  November 11, 2015

Website gets a new home

After Comcast decided not to host websites anymore, my website had to find a new home. And here it is! I cleaned up the site to rid it of most of the really old stuff. Hopefully I've got most of the content correct and that ordering any of my products is seamless to you via PayPal. If you notice anything incorrect, shoot me an email and I'll get it corrected.

August 14, 2014

Killing the KX3 cases

After months of trying out different designs and manufacturing methods, I have come to the decision to cancel the KX3 case line. I simply cannot come up with a design and process that is competitive with other offerings in the market. There are many other options out there that will protect the KX3 and/or PX3 at a very reasonable cost and out perform anything I could produce. In fact, I have my KX3 and PX3 in a Pelican 1520 case and I'm very happy with that arrangement.

I apologize to all who were waiting for a solution and for the many great suggestions I got along the way. But this will be in the best interest for all involved.

July 11, 2013

Website gets a new look

I needed to update my website so I went all out and made it a responsive site using skelJS templates from HTML5 UP. This should allow the site to look uniform across different viewing devices including mobile devices and tablets

KX3 Dust Cover
May 14, 2013

Now offering KX3 Dust Covers

I am now fabricating and offering acrylic dust covers for the KX3. They are made from either clear or black opaque acrylic and will protect the front face of the KX3. It simply sits on the face and only overhangs the side panels about 1/4" so that you can still leave the paddles and cables connected to the KX3. See the Dust Cover page for more info...


W8FGU's new KX3

W8FGU's New KX3

Well, I finally broke down and bought one while working in the Elecraft booth at Dayton this year. After a much deserved vacation in Key West, I returned and took delivery of KX3 #4448 a week later.

As usual, the build went just fine thanks to the great engineering of the Elecraft team and spot on documentation.