k2 fixed audio output board

pics/k2faob/built_board2.jpgThis K2 Fixed Audio Output Board is a fully kitted version of the latest design by Don Wilhelm, W3FPR and Tom Hammond, N0SS (SK). Everything needed to capture audio from the K2 Control Board, independent of the AF Gain control, and bring it out to a rear panel mounted RCA jack is included in this kit.

The K2 Fixed Audio Output Board is the perfect compliment for any K2 operator who needs a fixed level audio output independent of the post AF gain audio chain in the K2. This makes the output perfect for using the K2 for digital mode operations, feeding this audio to a sound card input connected to your PC using your favorite digital mode software. The input level to the sound device can be set up once and done without having to adjust the K2 AF gain control on every instance. The fixed audio output is also perfect for recording or input to any audio device.

pics/k2faob/packaged.jpgI am offering this board as a full kit or as a built unit ready for installation in the K2. See pricing options below or on the order page. If you would like me to build and install this board in your K2, please contact me at info -at- w8fgu.com for a quote.

For information on the circuit and operational instructions, please read through version 2.1 of the document published by Don and Tom in 2009. For installation instructions for this current iteration of the kit, please read the installation addendum I created with illustrated pictures.

Note: there is a wealth of information available of Don's website as well as Tom's website presently preserved by the Mid-MO Amateur Radio Club. If you are a K2 owner, these are valuable resources relating to building, servicing and great add-ons for the K2.

installation instructions

pics/k2faob/mounted.jpgThe K2 Fixed Audio Output Board is designed to install on the back of the Control Board, in between the Control Board and Front Panel Board. It is mounted to a provided 1/4" standoff and secured with two 3/16" screws and lock washers in an unused hole on the Control Board.

The output audio cable is routed to the rear of the K2 and terminated with a mounted RCA jack on one of the desired rear panels. A 2-pin Molex connector has been supplied for installation on the audio output cable to provide a disconnection point for the RCA jack and allow convenient service to the K2.

See my installation document for complete installation details.


K2 Fixed Audio Output Board Kit
K2 Fixed Audio Output Board Assembled
If you would like me to build and install this board in your K2, please contact me at info -at- w8fgu.com for a quote.